In the words of the importer “To say we have have long been a fan of Elisabetta Foradori and her brilliant wines of the Dolomiti would be a massive understatement. So, when we discovered she had teamed up with colleagues, Giovani Podini and Thomas Widmann on a Maremma project, we were immediately interested. When we discovered their single site Alicante and the farmhouse charm of “Unlitro”, we were sold! Ampeleia is a unique Maremma site in that they focus on Mediterranean varietals, (Alicante, Carignano) as opposed to big Super Tuscan styled reds. There is a verve and life to these wines that is infinitely crushable while maintaining integrity to the sites. Our crush (pun intended) continues!”

As described by the winemaker – “The Rosato di Ampeleia comes from clay/sandy/limestone soils characterized by a dark-red colour and round pebbles. Whole clusters of Alicante Nero are left to infuse in the must of Carignano; thanks to the fermentative energy in the tank, the clusters are pushed to the surface and while floating and gently swinging, they delicately release their flavor compounds. In the soil texture of our vineyards, sand is not present in big quantity but in the vineyards of the Rosato, sand plays a key role. That is why we decided to give voice to the extraordinary soil diversity of Roccatederighi through the Rosato di Ampeleia and its unique brightness.”

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