Buy wine online at Color de Vino, Edmonton

At Color de Vino, we believe that shopping for wine, beer and spirits should be an experience of true joy. We also believe that it should be easy. With that in mind, we offer two ways for you to shop.

You can visit our store and browse our racks of curated wine, beer and spirits. As a family owned and operated wine, beer & spirits boutique in Edmonton, Alberta, we love what we sell and we’re happy to spend time talking to our customers.

Or, if you’re pressed for time or you live far away, we offer the option to buy wine, beer and spirits online.

We understand that buying wine, beer or spirits is all about the experience. We know the thrill that comes with finding that perfect wine for the perfect meal, that one-of-a-kind craft beer or the spirits that make those cocktails that are the hit of your social function.

It’s all about variety and choice. That’s why we stock our shelves with the best and most unique selection, including organic wines, orange wines and much more, many of them from small-scale, sustainable, quality-conscious growers and winemakers.

And that’s why we offer you two ways to buy wine, beer and spirits: in person, at our store, or online, from the comfort of your home, the office or anywhere.

The choice is yours. The pleasure is ours.