lAma pét-nat tea is a new, lightly sparkling drink that’s low in alcohol but full of flavour, the result of fermenting carefully selected varieties of tea and herbal infusions. BI is pleasant and refreshing.

Tasting notes Aromas predominantly of citrus fruits and balsamic herbs. With a touch of sweetness, it is reminiscent of a lemon and mint sweet. In the mouth, notes of white flowers and spices such as ginger, juniper, kaffir lime, galangal, and white pepper appear. A “crunchy” texture with lively bubbles.

Tea Lemongrass. Sri Lanka.

Origin The small, organic tea garden Amba Estate in the Uva Highlands of Sri Lanka grows a wild variety of native lemongrass which is a herb, rather than a tea. The lemongrass, Cymbopogon flexuosus, is hand harvested by machete and dried in the sun to optimise the plant’s uniquely rich essential oils.

Water From the Alzola spring, Izarraitz Massif, in the Basque Country.

Elaboration Once in contact with cultures of bacteria and yeast, the infusions, prepared using spring water, begin to ferment. Both precision and balance are fundamental in the transformation of the kombucha. These factors, together with the continued evolution and aging in the bottle, are what allow Ama to become its own distinctive self.

Aging Ama pét-nat tea is aged in the bottle for six months. It will continue to improve over time and can be aged for up to three years.

Master brewers Dani Lasa and Ramon Perisé.

Pairings Versatile and adaptable. It works very well with shellfish, grilled fish and citrus or dairy-based desserts. It is also perfect for mixing refreshing cocktails.

When to drink Ideal both as an aperitif or by the bottle to accompany different types of cuisine or as a cocktail mixer.

Serve Preferably at 9-11ºC/48–52°F in a white wine glass. Handle and open carefully to preserve the bubbles. The sediment (the small particles of lees resulting from fermentation) present in each bottle can be served or kept in the bottle.

Storage Store in a cool, dry place.

Alcohol content 1.5%.

Size 750 ml.

Production Artisan-scale batches of just 250 bottles each.


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