Grape: Pinot Noir

Inspired by a cellar discovery of some Champagne carefully packed with straw, protected in their wooden cases, each bottle was beautifully dressed with a gold foil collar, painstakingly applied by hand transports us back to the Golden Age of France, a time of prosperity, optimism and creative freedom when the arts began to flourish.

“The House of Andre´ Clouet invites you to enjoy “Un jour de 1911” the reviva”l of a rediscovered gem from one of the best vineyards in the world. Working with the finest craftsmen, we bring you the magical renaissance of champagne production from the 1900s.”

“The Un jour de 1911… is another 100% Bouzy Pinot Noir
with an antique label design. The bright golden colored
cuvée combines maturity, complexity and finesse with
intensity and elegance on the nose as well as the palate.
It is a powerful and rich Champagne but very fine and
balanced with a great freshness and a complex length.
It is juicy and intense but also very delicate, its mineral
tension and persistent finish make it a first choice wine
for elaborate dishes. A great Champagne, with a label
that doesn’t give more details about the vintages or the
disgorgement date, but we know that it is always a 50/50
blend of three vintages (including a great vintage of at
least 10 years) and reserve wines from a solera system.
I tasted the wine in Brut at Clouet’s German importer in
Bremen. You should not drink it too early, as it would be
a waste of its talents.”
PARKER, 96/100


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