“The history of Spritz began in the 19th century during the period of Habsburg rule in Venice. It was customary at the time to have a glass of prosecco with bitter liqueur before meals. Soldiers and diplomats of the Habsburg Empire were annoyed by the high alcohol content of local wines and demanded its dilution. When calling “spritzen”, the innkeeper diluted their wine with water or bitter liqueur. In the 12th century, the use of soda water became widespread, giving rise to a recipe for the Spritz cocktail. The water with bubbles added the right spark to the still charge.

Invite your loved ones or enjoy a romantic sitting for two with a glass of Ciao Spritz drink. This refreshing drink is made according to the original historical recipe from Glera grapes complemented by natural herbal aromas. Thanks to the composition of the highest quality ingredients, this 100% Italian aperitif will develop a perfect and full bittersweet taste when opened, which you will enhance with a few ice cubes, a slice of orange or olive.”


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