Colibri offers more than just an alternative to alcohol. It provides high-quality wines that will set people free from society’s drinking norms. The magic begins in the vineyards. Organically grown and a sustainable environmental approach

Region: Italy
Varietal: 100% Glera
Alcohol: 0% by volume

Elegant pale straw yellow colour. on the nose, it reveals scents of fruity aromas of sliced and crisp green apples and white flowers. On the palate, you can taste juicy white fruits together with the vibrant acidity that well balance the sweetness.

we remove alcohol not flavour
Thanks to our unique technology that allows us to gently take away the alcohol from the wine without compromising the final result in terms of structure and aromas. Our team of oenologists counts many years of experience in the dealcholization process and commits to continue improving the quality of our wines through innovative ideas and constant research.

low intervention production
allows us to maintain and express in the wine the natural characteristics of the grape varieties as well as the territory where we produce them. All our wines are spontaneously fermented in stainless steel tanks and they are then removed from alcohol through a gentle membrane dealcoholization technology that doesn’t alter the quality of the wines and preserves their original colour, structure and aromas. Thanks to that we don’t need to add to our wines any artificial colours or flavours.


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