Vin! de! France! Le sud de France and Languedoc in particular hold a special place in our heart for the wholesome and unpretentious ripeness they pour into their winemaking. These two dealcoholized wines produced by la famille Pugibet, winemakers in Béziers since 1870, are perfect expressions of the typicity of this region and welcome exemplars of the French style in the world of non-alcoholic wines.

La Colombette have made a name for themselves across France with the production of a 5% low-alcohol series of wines, and have now continued this radical trajectory with these new totally 0.0% offerings.

Gently dealcoholized at low-temperatures with modern vacuum-distillation techniques, absolutely nothing in the way of added flavours, sugars or acids have been employed to mar the pure expression of fruit they bring to the glass.

This alcohol-removed Chardonnay is fruit-driven in style, exhibiting ripe peach with underlying citrus and fig characters. On the palate, these flavours are enhanced by gingery and grassy spices, and a bright acid backbone ending with a flinty mineral thread.

Harvesting at night when temperatures are at their coolest, and then fermenting in stainless steel at equally cool temps, this chardonnay preserves its freshness and vitality and delivers a fully satisfying, food friendly splash. We’re entirely delighted to have it available for all of our summertime celebrations. Santé!


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