Winemaker Notes
This wine shows wisteria, cantaloupe, and marzipan, with a clear citrus note. Hydrocarbon hints pop up to follow on the nose. This wine is complex with a firm texture, minerality, yet a vibrant acidity. It opens up on the palate with peach, passion fruit, and papaya notes. The oak is well integrated; the finish is crisp and lingering

Etna is not just a volcano: it is a mountain that originated over hundreds of thousands of years of lava eruptions. The Sicilians attribute a female nature to it: a strict yet generous mother, which is why they call her ‘IDDA,’ meaning ‘SHE’ in the Sicilian dialect. IDDA is pure energy, it is land where every fruit ripens with many different nuances.

IDDA is also the name of a joint venture involving two families: Gaja and Graci, and adventure that began in 2016 on the highest active volcano in Europe. A winery founded to explore the southern slope of Etna, with the purpose of searching for vineyards that express elegance and complexity thanks to the nature of the soil and the sunlight that characterizes these places. Today, they own approximately 52 acres of vineyards, between 2,000 and 2,600 feet elevation, in the village of Belpasso & Biancavilla. The grape varieties currently planted are Carricante, Nerello Mascalese & Nerello Cappuccio. The color nuances of the labels, red for the lava on the Etna Rosso label and blue for the nearby sea for Carricante, evoke the terraced vineyards and the movement of a spiral, an ancient symbol representing cyclic continuity and eternal expansion.


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